Sundays at Jimmy’s Schedule

First Quarter 2014

Sunday January 12th French Classics – Little-Known Alsace

French cuisine was once considered the epitome of fine dining in New York City. One of the most beloved and highly regarded bastions of classic French cuisine was Lutèce. In his 34 years as the chef and owner of Lutèce, Chef Andre Soltner only missed 5 days from his kitchen. Tonight we will honor Chef Soltner with a traditional family-style meal from his native Alsace. We will feature beverage pairings, a bit of history of the region and its classic dishes, and hopefully a visit from the Master himself! We will also raffle signed copies of the Lutèce cookbook with proceeds going to a culinary scholarship fund of Chef Soltner’s choice.

Sunday January 26th – Traditional Italian Sunday Dinner

We remember Sundays as long, languorous days of eating and spending time with family and good friends.  Preparations began at the crack of dawn and ended with a feast that seemed to never end.  Come spend a Sunday filled with antipasti, pasta, gravy, meats and more.  This is the dinner that will allow you to stop time and enjoy the moment with family and friends, old and new including some well-known Italian-American men about town.

Sunday February 9th Romancing the Stove – Aphrodisiac Cuisine for All

Quoting author and aphrodisiac specialist Amy Reiley, “If you can’t slow down long enough to be fully present in a romantic moment, all the aphrodisiacs in the world aren’t going to help.” Join us for a relaxing evening of good food, good drink, great company, and prepare for Valentine’s Day by learning the art of romancing from the stove, and take home a special gift of lustful lists of the aphrodisiac foods that appeal to men and to women. Copies of Amy Reiley’s latest book, Romancing The Stove: The Unabridged Guide to Aphrodisiac Foods will be available for purchase at the event.

Sunday February 23rd Chef Dave Martin’s Decadent Sunday Brunch

Sunday is a day when we enjoy friends and family over the beloved New York City institution – Brunch!  Join Chef Dave as he puts his amazing spin on some of brunch’s most desired dishes. Two specially crafted bubble-based cocktails are included and other brews and bubblies will also be available.

Sunday March 9th Farm to Table Chef Hiroko Shimbo’s American Kitchen

This special home-style Japanese dinner features dishes that utilize local ingredients prepared with Japanese techniques and Japanese flavors. Experience exciting new, clean and light flavors as you travel through each course. Most of the dishes, which derive from Hiroko’s American Kitchen, the winner of best American cookbooks of 2013 by International Association of Culinary Professionals, are refined in preparations and presentations for this special dinner. Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the event.

Sunday March 23rd TBD