Course Descriptions

Class Syllabus

This program is designed for curious amateurs through life-long enthusiasts. Each 2-1/2 hour session will include a lecture, wine tasting, and flavor pairings (though food is served, it is not a full meal). Though each session is complete in itself, they do flow together to accommodate those who choose to participate in the full program.

Session 1:      To Know it is to Love it…

“What is Wine?” We will begin with the basics, then move into a discussion of flavor and taste in “The Recipe for a Delicious Wine Experience”. Our wine tasting this evening will include a selection of internationally recognized varietals and some classic flavor pairings.

Session 2:      You CAN Always Get What You Want

All you need to select wine with confidence are an understanding of your own taste and flavor preferences, and a handful of helpful words to guide the professionals serving you – that’s the focus of this class. We will also discuss what makes a great wine “great”, what makes a great pairing “great”. This evening we will taste a variety of wine styles and discover what food flavors make them pop!

Session 3:      Across the Universe – The World of Wine

In the 21st century, wine is produced all over the world. One of the first concepts professionals learn is to distinguish between Old World and New World styles – now, so will you. We will also cover a brief history of wine and how that affects flavor and taste. The tasting will include a mix of Old World- and New World-style wines and foods – be prepared for a bit of gastronomic exploration!

Session 4:      Going to California

California is a beautiful, diverse state offering a little something for everyone. We will divide the discussion into “The North: Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and More” and “The South: Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, Monterey, and More” and will tastes wines from top to bottom.  We will also taste proof of the old pairing adage “if it grows together, it goes together”.

Session 5:      La Vin en Rosé (The Pink Wine)

Fifty (or so) Shades of Pink – They’re Not All As Sweet As You Think! Rosés are growing in popularity, though in some parts of the world they’ve been the main event for centuries. We will taste many styles of rosé including some bubbly, and taste why some consider them to be the most food-friendly foods around… especially with holiday foods – maybe this is the answer to the nagging “what to drink with Thanksgiving dinner” question.

Session 6:      Sugar Honey Iced Tea – Loving Sweet Wines

How Sweet is Sweet? In this session we will discuss the different levels of sweetness in wines and their place at the table. We will also cover an introduction to fortified wines (ports, sherries, etc.) and end with a very special “Wine Tasting for Chocolate Lovers”.